WreckMasterUK aims to compile a comprehensive list of ship-wrecks around the North East Coast, starting with Northumberland.


We currently have the following books for sale:




We're currently offering the first four of the series of books for sale exploring shipwrecks, ditched aircraft and other maritime incidents in, around and off the Northumberland Coastline.


The books are 'bite-sized' and contain details and relevant information to aid historical, family and diving research.


They're arguably the most comprehensive guides of shipwrecks of the area to date and a bargain at only £5.99.


Available on Amazon and at all good bookstores.

A detailed wreckmap will be available soon to correspond with each volume.


The volumes include:


Volume 1 : Berwick-upon-Tweed to Cheswick

Volume 2 : Cheswick to Ross Back Sands including Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Volume 3 : Ross to Beadnell, including Seahouses, Bamburgh & the Farne Islands

Volume 4 : Beadnell to Howick

Volume 5 : Howick to Warkworth - OUT NOW!

Volume 6 : Warkworth to Cresswell - Coming soon!

Volume 7 : Cresswell to Crag Point - Coming soon!

Volume 8 : Coastline & Companies - Coming soon!

Volume 9 : Northumberland - Complete works - Coming soon!